Wood Replacement Windows Calgary

Traditional Look and Eco-Friendly

Benefits of Wood Windows

Wood Window Cutaway
Wood Window Frame

For traditional or heritage homes wood window frames are the superior choice. Wood window frames are very durable and if properly taken care of, they will last a lifetime. Wood windows will also help increase the equity in your home as many home buyers look for quality and genuine wood frames are categorically the premium window frame.

Wood window frames are solid and durable and they provide a good insulation value. In addition to keeping your home comfortable inside, wood window frames are also an excellent sound barrier which will greatly reduce outside noise-pollution. Wood window frames are also the most environmentally friendly window frame material available for consumers.

Although wood is the most expensive material for window frames it does have a very long lifespan (when properly cared for) and when replacement cost and home equity is factored into the equation - wood may make an excellent choice for some homeowners.


  • Cost. Wood is the most expensive material for window frames
  • Requires regular maintenance to ensure the wood is properly protected
  • Suseptable to moisture
  • Not as energy efficient as vinyl or hybrid windows

"Wood Windows are Naturally Beautiful and Long-Lasting"

Wood Windows

Wood window frame
High-quality wood windows offer timeless traditional style. Made from pine wood, these frames are built for longevity and enduring beauty.

Window Frame Comparison Chart

  Vinyl Hybrid (vinyl & aluminum) Wood Aluminum Wood Clad
Affordability X      
High Energy Efficiency X X    
Maintenance Free X X   X
Paintable   X X X
Eco Friendly     X  
Prone to Condensation     X X
Long Lifespan     X X