Aluminum-Wood Clad Replacement Windows Calgary | Edmonton

Strong and Aesthetically Appealing

Benefits of Aluminum-Wood Clad Windows

Aluminum-Wood Clad Window Cutaway
Aluminum-Wood Clad Window Frame

Aluminum-wood clad window frames can offer you the aesthetic appeal of wood frames inside with less maintenance required on the aluminum exterior side of the frame.

Inside your home you can stain or paint the wood to match the interior of your home. The aluminum-wood clad frame also retains its shape, better than vinyl, in extreme temperatures so they remain airtight reducing energy-efficient or heat transfer concerns.

Outside, the aluminum comes in a variety of colours to choose from and the manufacturing process ensures weather-resistance and low maintenance compared to wood window frames. The aluminum covering the wood frame is much stronger than vinyl frames and the cladding will help minimize or prevent denting or damaging the aluminum surrounding.

If the aluminum is scratched it can be painted if necessary. This also allows you the option to change the appearance of the windows if you decide to do so.

Aluminum-wood cladding frames are very strong and durable and because they are low-maintenance, these windows are a better alternative and are more popular than wood-only window frames.


  • Maintenance (painting or staining) required for the wood interior
  • Less energy efficient than vinyl or hybrid windows
  • More expensive than vinyl or hybrid windows
  • Wood is susceptible to moisture
  • More time needed for proper installation

"Aluminum-Wood Clad Windows are Beautiful and Long-Lasting"

Window Frame Comparison Chart

  Vinyl Hybrid (vinyl & aluminum) Wood Aluminum Wood Clad
Affordability X      
High Energy Efficiency X X    
Maintenance Free X X   X
Paintable   X X X
Eco Friendly     X  
Prone to Condensation     X X
Long Lifespan     X X