Hybrid Replacement Windows Calgary

Durable and Energy Efficient

Benefits of Hybrid Aluminum/Vinyl Windows

Hybrid Window Cutaway
Hybrid Window Frame

Hybrid windows combine the affordability of vinyl with the structural superiority of aluminum. Our hybrid aluminum/vinyl windows feature excellent energy efficiency and are durable - lasting many years providing a sound investment for your home.

The frame is built with aluminum on the exterior which strengthens the frame. The interior vinyl chambers provide excellent energy efficiency.

There are a number of colours to choose from for the exterior aluminum cladding.

Hybrid Window Colours

DF white colour
Commercial brown colour
Pebble colour
Black colour
Slate colour
Bone white colour
Nutmeg colour
French vanilla colour
Heirloom white colour
Almond colour
Ivory colour
Mocha Cream colour
Desert sand colour
Wicker colour
Smoke colour
Clay colour
Window bronze colour
Windswept smoke colour

Computer screen colour settings may cause variance of the actual finish colour.

Benefits of Hybrid Windows

  • Internal vinyl chambers provide exceptional insulation for energy efficiency
  • Aluminum vinyl structure helps to reduce outside noise
  • Exterior aluminum structure are durable and built to last
  • A well-designed low-maintenance product
  • Good selection of colours to choose from
  • Better price-point than wood or aluminum-wood clad windows
  • Canadian Maple Leaf iconCanadian Made


Hybrid windows have few disadvantages when compared to other window-frame-types.

Hybrid windows are more costly than vinyl windows but less expensive than wood or aluminum-wood clad window frames.

"Quality Hybrid Windows are Long-Lasting and Very Energy Efficient"

Hybrid Windows

Hybrid  aluminum/vinyl window frame
Aluminum-clad vinyl windows feature the same easy maintenance and high-performance as all-vinyl but with increased durability.

Window Frame Comparison Chart

  Vinyl Hybrid (vinyl & aluminum) Wood Aluminum Wood Clad
Affordability X      
High Energy Efficiency X X    
Maintenance Free X X   X
Paintable   X X X
Eco Friendly     X  
Prone to Condensation     X X
Long Lifespan     X X
Keeping Your Home Comfortable Inside no matter what it's like outside
Replacement Windows from Simply Yours Windows Doors are Great Value for Your Home
Hybrid Window Replacements Are An Attractive Feature at Resale