Vinyl Replacement Windows Calgary

Affordable and Energy Efficient

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Window Cutaway
Vinyl Window Frame

Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular type of window frame installed in homes. They come in a variety of colours and styles and will withstand the sun and temperature variations found Calgary's climate.

Our vinyl windows are Canadian Made Canadian Maple Leaf iconand extremely energy efficient, backed by the industry's best warranty.

Vinyl windows are also resilient and will not crack, peel, warp or bend - in addition to being very energy efficient.

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of vinyl windows is the price as they are a very affordable option when compared to other window frame materials such as, wood or aluminum.

Another attractive advantage vinyl windows can offer is that they are virtually maintenance-free - never require painting.

Vinyl window frames are also customizable, available in all window styles, and are easy to install - reducing window replacement cost.


Vinyl windows are tough but they are the least durable option when compared to wood or aluminum. The frames can crack or break (when under excessive duress).

The colours of vinyl windows will also fade over a long period of time and are difficult to repaint. This is especially true for lower-quality window frames.

The lifespan of vinyl windows can vary between 10 - 30 years, with quality manufactured frames lasting much longer than cheaper models.

When a vinyl window fails it doesn’t necessarily mean it no longer functions, however, it may lose its seal and becomes less efficient keeping air and moisture from entering the home.

"Quality Vinyl Windows are an Affordable Option and Very Energy Efficient"

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl window frame
Vinyl windows offer versatility for customizing for new-build or replacement windows. Energy efficient, low maintenance and cost-effective. This type of window is suitable for Alberta weather.

Window Frame Comparison Chart

  Vinyl Hybrid (vinyl & aluminum) Wood Aluminum Wood Clad
Affordability X      
High Energy Efficiency X X    
Maintenance Free X X   X
Paintable   X X X
Eco Friendly     X  
Prone to Condensation     X X
Long Lifespan     X X
Keeping Your Home Comfortable Inside no matter what it's like outside
Replacement Windows from Simply Yours Windows Doors are Great Value for Your Home
Vinyl Window Replacements Can Return as Much as 77.5% of the Initial Cost at Resale