Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Windows

What is the Difference Between Retrofit and Stud to Stud Window Installation?

Retrofit windows involves a new window insert into an existing frame. Stud to stud replacement requires the removal and replacement of the existing window frame, brickmould, interior casing and jamb - in other words - everything to the studs of the home.

Stud to stud installation is more labour and cost intensive than retrofit but is a better choice as you’re assured there isn’t any damage, air gaps or moisture areas because old material is replaced with new insulation and replacement parts.

What is the Average Cost for Replacement Windows?

It’s important to understand that actual prices found online for replacement window cost in Calgary can be somewhat misrepresentative or misleading. For example; some companies may provide a specific price for a bedroom window but quote a small window size, as not all bedroom window sizes are equal the quote is undefined. Others may be quoting lower-quality retrofit windows.

Here is a formula to use to more accurately calculate approximate cost for any high-quality replacement window;

United Inches = Width + Height (of window)

Once you have figured out the United Inches of the window multiply by 10.

e.g. Width + Height x 10 = Window Cost

Window Cost Calculator Example

The above formula will ensure that you are quoted a fair but approximate cost (as some projects may require more labour) before you search around for replacement window quotes.

Who Makes the Best Windows in Calgary?

When you’re shopping for new replacement windows it is most important to look for the Energy Star logo which certifies the window has been tested and given the seal of approval for meeting specifications for energy performance. All reputable replacement window dealers will offer windows with the Energy Star logo.

When looking for the best replacement windows it is also important to have Masters Certified Installers as the finished replacement window may be compromised and not provide the expected energy efficiency if not installed correctly. Also most reputable companies will offer warranties and will be licensed and bonded.

There is more to a window than just the brand-name when you want the best energy-efficient windows for your home.

What are Custom Windows?

Because your window(s) can be a different size than typical standard window sizes a custom window can be installed to fit your home. Many landmark homes in Calgary can have varying window sizes that need custom windows to match the exterior of the home.

Custom windows can also allow you to change the window appearance in your home for an aesthetically pleasing change to the home from the street view.

What Replacement Window is Best for South Facing Windows?

For south facing windows choose the Low-E 272 glass option which will repel the sun’s intense UV rays. You will notice less heat penetrating a room during the hottest part of the day.

What Replacement Window is Best for East Facing Windows?

Because you want the east morning sun to warm a room facing in that direction choosing a Low-E 180 glass option will provide the low solar gain you are looking for.

What is the Advantage of Argon Gas in a Window?

Argon gas, a non-toxic, inert, clear odourless gas, is used between the panels in a sealed window to provide superior insulation because it is heavier than air - found in many windows with panels.

Argon gas window icon
Argon gas between glass panels of window