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We can help you transform your front door to make a statement and increase your home’s curb appeal. Our exterior door options can include decorative glass, handles, knockers and more. You’ll find the architectural style you want to achieve.

Simply Yours Windows Doors has hundreds of doors for you to choose from. We have exterior doors available in wood, fibreglass (can include the look of real wood) and steel doors. We also supply and install patio and sliding glass doors.

Choose Your Exterior Doors from Simply Yours Windows Doors

Custom Fibreglass
Wood Doors

Wood exterior door
Knotty Alder Exterior 8 Panel Door

A custom fibreglass wood door makes for a grand entryway to your home. You can choose from various woodgrain finishes to fit your home. Custom fibreglass wood doors can withstand our weather conditions in Calgary and won't warp. Less maintenance and your door will be around for a long time.read more

Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass exterior door
Fibreglass 3 Panel Door with Glass and Dentil Shelf

The styles and look of fibreglass doors is limitless, in fact many new styles are introduced every year. Options for fibreglass include factory paint or your choice of colour to match your home and even real-wood grain appearance. Minimal maintenance is required.read more

Steel Doors

Steel exterior door
1 Panel Plank Steel Door with Glass

Steel is the most affordable exterior door available and it holds up well in our climate. You can choose options such as decorative glass inserts, handles and locks for aesthetic appeal. Steel doors also require minimal upkeep and maintenance.read more

Swinging Patio Doors

Patio swinging exterior door
Energy Star® Swinging patio door

A patio door can add aesthetic appeal to your home and allows for more natural light and fresh air to enter your home. We have many style and options to fit your needs and budget.read more

Sliding Patio Doors

Patio swinging exterior door
Energy Star® sliding patio door

The perfect door to view and exit into the backyard or patio area. Doors allow for an abundant of natural light and are an easy access or exit to common areas around your home.read more


Tons of Choices

Simply Yours Windows Doors has a number of suppliers who we work with and there are just too many to include on our door pages. We have an incredible selection to choose from and we would be happy to provide a free consultation to find the exterior doors you're looking for on your home.


Exterior Door Options

You can add your own style and choice to exterior doors by selecting any number of options including;

  • Door Configurations - choices include single or double doors which allow for more opening space. You can also add sidelights (windows) to give the illusion of a larger entry and for more natural light for the entryway.
  • Door Swing - doors are available with inswing and outswing models. Exterior doors are able to swing toward the home or away from it.
  • Door Panels - you can select a number of panels for your exterior door and even choose glass as the panel style which give a number of choices for style and appearance.
  • Glass Options - the glass you choose for your exterior door can feature performance values like impact-resistance and Low-E glass to improve energy efficiency. Decorative and textured glass or blinds between the glass will address functionality and privacy.

Create Your Exterior Door

You can create the exterior door to give your home the look you desire.

Call us for assistance or advice and we’ll help you find the perfect door.

Choose Door Type

Choose the type of door you want
Choose the product type you want. Choices include wood, fibreglass or steel. Wood can be stained or painted to your colour preference. Fibreglass can be painted any number of colours or can come in real-wood grain look. Steel can also be painted in a colour you want.

Select Door Configuration

Choose the type of entryway you would like
You can choose between any number of configurations for your entry door, including some examples seen above. The possibilities are endless as you can create the entrance to your exact preference.

Decide on Shape of Glass

Choose the type of door you want
Choose the shape of the glass you would like on the entry door. There are a number of styles of shapes to choose from including more than the examples above. Glass options can include impact-resistant and Low-E glass.

Select Door Swing

Choose the type of door you want
Select the door handle and door swing preferences. Entry doors are able to accommodate the layout of your home and there is a variety of single and double door swing configurations.

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Simply choose a date and time when you'll be home.

We'll bring everything you need, brochures, pamplets, information and prices to your door at your convenience.

You don't need to leave your home to find the perfect exterior entry door!

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