Glass Options for Windows Calgary

Windows are an important element for any building or home as they provide warmth, light and aesthetic appeal. Your windows can also affect the energy consumption your home uses to provide comfortable indoor temperatures in both summer and winter.

Like most things, you get what you pay for, and this is especially true when choosing quality, energy efficient, low maintenance windows. Selecting the best windows can help you save money into the future.

With technological advancements, there is more to consider when replacing windows and the glass you choose can prevent heat escaping in winter and can keep your home cooler during hotter months.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing energy efficient windows in Canada is essential to keep our homes warm and reduce wasted energy.

All of our replacement windows are Made in CanadaCanadian Maple Leaf icon for Calgary weather.

Jeld-Wen quality windows are engineered to be high-performance and efficient plus they can reduce potential condensation and lessen outside noise.

Energy Star

The Energy Star logo is your assurance that window products are qualified to lowering operating costs and are more advanced than conventional windows.

Benefits and Features of Our Replacement Windows

Our Energy Star Jeld-Wen windows feature:

Low-E glass window icon

Low-E Glass - low emissivity or Low-E coating on double or triple pane glass reflects summer's radiant heat away while allowing visible light inside. In winter Low-E absorbs UV rays

Argon gas window icon

Argon Gas in Sealed Units - a non-toxic, inert, clear odourless gas between the panels in a window. Argon is heavier than air, providing better insulation

Spacer bars for  window icon

Warm-Edge Technology Spacer Bars - spacer bars insulate the edges of a sealed window. They minimize energy loss by conducting less heat or cold transfer

Double and triple pane windows icon

Superior Air Tightness with Double or Triple Pane Glass

Jeld-Wen Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient glass window cutaway

Comfort Engineered Windows

You can help you better-regulate temperatures in your home by selecting Low-E glass options for windows.

Low-E 180 provides a low solar heat gain for east facing windows, which will allow the morning sun to warm a room.

For large south facing windows where you want to reduce heat you can choose Low-E 272 which repels the sun’s UV rays. Low-E 272 can curb excess heat during the hottest hours of the day.

Simply Yours Windows Doors can provide advice for creating a better living space with more comfortable temperatures inside your home.

Couple sitting on couch looking out a window
Tinted Glass
Tinted glass for window

Tinted glass is beneficial for rooms that receive direct sunlight and will greatly help to reduce glare.

Textured Glass
Textured glass for window

We feature a wide variety of textured glass with many aesthetic choices that allow light inside while providing privacy.

More About Windows

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