New life for a McKenzie Lake Home

by Simply Windows Doors

Home with beautiful new replacement windows.

It started with a draft, and then the family began to notice the energy bills were increasing. This is a fairly common scenario, particularly with the temperature variations we experience in Alberta’s climate. Often times, the first reaction is to start replacing windows and doors, but the greater benefit can sometimes be uncovered with a home comfort assessment.

By measuring and analyzing the areas responsible for your home’s heat loss, it’s possible to develop solutions that will increase heat retention. Sometimes the results can be simply linked to aging windows and doors, but other times it can be a matter of depleted insulation value, or a weakened thermal building envelope.

The owners of this Calgary home determined their best solution was to perform a complete house wrap, in addition to replacing their windows and doors. The increased energy efficiency they now enjoy, will eventually help them recover a good chunk of their initial investment.

Home with new energy efficient windows.
Home with new energy efficient windows.
Backyard view of the house with new energy efficient windows.
New exterior door.
New replacement window.
New 2nd floor replacement windows.

The next step is generally to remove the windows. Any 2×4 wall construction is built out to 2×6, and a small crew is able to replace several windows in a single day. It doesn’t actually take long to pop out the old and install the new; in fact, in most instances, it’s a matter of mere minutes. Of course, the interior trim and finishing does take a bit longer, but the key is that your home is not exposed to the elements for very long. Once the windows and doors are in, the final stage is to apply the durable, exterior material you’ve chosen. Whether it’s one of several Hardie Plank siding options, brick, stone or stucco, your home will now have a strong first layer of defense against the inevitable, local climate fluctuations.

The entire process will normally be complete in four to six weeks, including the time it takes to select colours, product qualities, and to order the windows. If this sounds intriguing, we invite you to take the next step and let Simply Yours Windows Doors conduct a no-obligation, in-home consultation at a time that’s convenient for you! Give us a call, or contact us to start a conversation.