Reasons to Replace Your Windows Many Benefits

Most homeowners don’t want to replace their windows on the home until a window or windows show signs of failing such as; condensation between window panes, air seeping through the frame or the frame showing severe damage, etc. However window replacement does offer many benefits including; increasing resale value, reducing energy cost, reduction in outside noise levels or adding aesthetic value to the house.

Taking Advantage of Government Subsidies

Another important factor many homeowners consider when deciding to replace windows is taking advantage of government subsidies that may be available. Call us to find out if you qualify for any government subsidy programs (403) 613-3039.

Energy Efficiency

In Calgary the cold winter weather will often necessitate the need to replace windows in an effort to increase home heating. Older, failing windows will exponentially increase energy costs and new replacement windows can offer immediate, substantial and noticeable increased comfort.

Window manufacturers have made many technological advancements in the last 10 years and today’s product offers far more efficiency. In fact you’ll recover some of the replacement cost back with the money you save on utility bills. New windows will greatly assist in keeping in the heat during winter months and also keep your home cooler in the summer.

Replacement Windows for Home Renovations or Additions

When choosing a home renovation or addition it’s always in the best interest of the homeowner to add energy efficient windows as part of the project plans. Adding windows to a new build is fairly easy and reduces labour costs for professional window installers. Choosing to replace all the windows on the home during renovations will allow you to choose attractive window styles while also increasing the energy efficiency and resale value.

Added Value for Your Home

There’s a reason most government subsidy programs most often include rebates for replacement windows as they are a significant factor for providing energy efficiency for a home. Most home-buyers are aware of the importance of energy efficient windows and this is why a home’s value can increase when windows have been recently increased. It’s estimated a home can recover as much as 70% of the cost of window replacement upon the sale of a home. Also new windows can offer higher returns than many other high-cost home renovations such as mid-range or upscale kitchen renos or composite deck additions.

Aging Windows

Because our windows in Calgary are exposed to extreme cold and even heat in summer, your windows will slowly degrade and lose efficiency over time. You’ll find replacement windows offer far more comfort and be more air-tight than windows that are weather damaged.

Style and Upgraded Design

Some homes can really benefit from an upgrade in style and window design. Choosing new windows that offer superior functionality and offer upgraded efficiency will not only increase the home’s value but it will also allow you to enjoy better comfort and be visually appealing.

Replacement Window Advantages

When you’re ready to discuss new replacement windows call Simply Yours Windows Doors and we can meet with you to show you all the possibilities with expert advice and without any pressure.