Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Many Benefits

In Calgary our winters can be terribly cold and it’s for this reason consumers look to energy efficient replacement windows for increased comfort and to help reduce energy costs. Windows, doors and skylights are some of the biggest contributors for allowing heat loss (as much as 25%) on homes.

When replacing windows and doors look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol for assured products that have been tested and certified for maximizing energy savings. Considering ENERGY STAR® windows are approximately 20% more efficient, and the very best ENERGY STAR® windows can be as much as 55% more efficient than average windows. You can quickly assess the value these windows can offer in Calgary’s climate. With the continued rising cost of energy prices replacing old windows can offer substantially lower heating costs.

Rating for Energy Performance

In Canada, the energy performance of windows, doors and skylights is tested using the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A440.2 standard.

Award Winning Replacement Windows

Simply Yours Windows Doors offers and installs the best replacement windows for energy efficiency. Our Jeld-Wen Canada windows have been recognized and won the as the most energy efficient product and technology available for replacement windows in the marketplace.

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

Get the Most Out of Your Replacement Windows

Once you’ve chosen energy efficient windows you must have them installed correctly in order to maximize the energy efficiency. Our Simply Yours Windows Doors window installers are Master Certified and will ensure your windows are installed so you won’t have to worry about air-leaks, cold drafts, condensation or water breaching into your home. Remember - most leaks are invisible until damage starts to occur.

Our Masters Certified Installers have extensive training and years of experience installing replacement windows and doors. We take the time needed to provide complete installation including the placement of sealant and insulation to the frames of the windows for complete protection from Calgary winters.


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Financing for Replacement Windows

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