Best Windows to Reduce Energy Cost

The Cheapest Way to Replace Windows

During these unprecedented times of rising inflation and energy costs we are frequently asked, what’s the cheapest way to replace old windows? Consumers are more than ever interested in lowering expenses where possible. It’s well known windows are one area that can help lower energy cost, provide substantial ROI in addition to increasing the value of a home.

Lowering your energy bill is possible as long as you understand the importance of selecting the windows that will provide efficiency and durability.

Providing you purchase quality windows, from a quality manufacturer and have them installed by professional installers you’ll be assured of warranty coverage along with noticeable improvement in the comfort of your home. Remember: selecting the lowest-priced bidding company could cripple your intention to lower cost if you choose a disreputable window company. Do your research as this important step will help to protect yourself and your investment.

Best Window Choice

If the cheapest price is the bottom line for window replacement there really is only one “best” option - vinyl windows. Although wood, aluminum and fibreglass have their place in the market they don’t have all of the features of vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl fits the bill of most affordable when compared to the other leading materials for window construction. The top of the line vinyl windows are frequently more affordable than the base models of wood, aluminum or fibreglass windows and the lower cost of vinyl isn’t an indicator of poor quality. Vinyl windows offer more than just affordability.

Long-Lasting Durability

Vinyl windows are constructed of PVC, a building material that can withstand the rigours of Calgary’s coldest and hottest days. These types of replacement windows will last and provide the benefits you need from quality windows for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows offer superior insulation from heat and cold - more than even wood or metal. If you want windows to keep your home more comfortable and save energy from escaping outside vinyl provides a higher R-Value and is the unparalleled choice for energy efficiency.

It should be noted that the very best windows won’t comprise the needed R-Value if the windows are not installed correctly and if the window frame, brickmould, interior casing and jamb are in disrepair or damaged. Make sure your windows are installed stud-to-stud so all parts of the window are inspected and repaired if necessary.

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Low Maintenance

An added benefit for vinyl windows is the low maintenance required for upkeep. Vinyl windows never need to be painted and they won’t fade over time like wood windows. With a little cleaning, every other month, your windows will retain their aesthetic appeal.

Vinyl windows will rarely need repairing or adjusting as they are tough and will operate as designed for many, many years.


Our quality windows offer some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry and we will quickly address any issues or concerns. Customer satisfaction is our priority when installing new windows for all of our clients.

Cheap, Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

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